Ines Baccouche is the founder of the online gallery ArtForNess.

Led by her passion for North African and West Asian Culture, Ines founded the online gallery as a way to explore the representation and the expression of the culture through the eye of the artists. What is important to her is to make art accessible and mainstream. The choice of the words and their use in the curatorial text is one of the main subjects important to her curatorial studies. Since 2018, through her work as a director of ArtForNess, she’s been working on the representation in the European countries of WANA’s culture using different art mediums.

Her personal background as an engineer and as a child of two people with different cultural backgrounds has helped her direct her interests and shaped her experiences in the field. In 2019 she developed the wish to guide her skills and put her experiences in the frame of curatorial practice.

2020 – Present | | Goethe Institute | Tasawar Curatorial Studio | Professional Training Course
2018 – 2019 | | SKEMA| Business Management | BBA
2001 – 2005 | | ENSERG| Microelectronic Engineer | BE

Currently lives in La Roquette Sur
1980 | Born in


Ines Baccouche