International Art Exhibition Project at Ennejma Ezzahra from 20 to 22 May 2021

MATTER OF TIME is a contemporary art exhibition that asks what is the difference between yesterday, today, and tomorrow? What is the impact of time? How do we refer to time as a medium that we can experience but that is still not fully understood by sciences? As part of their studies, the TASAWAR Curatorial Collective developed an exhibition concept dedicated to time as artistic material and medium.

MATTER OF TIME juxtaposes artistic reflections on time and duration of visual artists of different backgrounds and from a broad variety of cultural contexts with the notions of time as they are incorporated in the protection and conservation of cultural heritage sites.

MATTER OF TIME takes place at the protected monument “Ennjema Ezzahra”. The estate in Sidi Bou Siad that has been build by Rodolphe and Bettina D’ Erlanger from 1911 to 1921. After it had been bought by the Tunisian Government in 1989, it became a museum for more than 2.600 artifacts, and artworks, mainly collected by the former owners. In addition, it is an archive for more than 30.000 recordings of music and hosts regularly music events. It is a landmark of Tunisian identity.

MATTER OF TIME is the first international art exhibition project that takes place here.


MATTER OF TIME presents artists that experimented with the properties of time and the elasticity of the medium. Among the artworks are drawings and paintings, sculptures and installations, site-specific and participatory interventions. They respond to the material impact that time can cause, they stage processes and performative aspects induced by time, they experiment with options of conservation over time and respond to gaps between times, they reflect on the difference of measured time and experienced time.

TASAWAR Curattoial Collective

The TASAWAR CURATORIAL COLLECTIVE consists of participants of the post-graduate program TASAWAR Curatorial Studios by GOETHE-INSTITUTE Tunisia.

Aisha Abbassi | Imen Bahri | Samir Bahri | Louise Baranger | Manel Ben Ali | Imen Cherif | Amira Chihaoui | Hèlà Doghri | Amin Gharbi | Aymen Gharbi | Ons Kammoun | Salma Kossemtini | Sana Mahfoudhi | Hayfa Mahmoud | Chiraz Mosbah | Dorrine Nasri | Hinda Rezgui | Emily Sarsam | Syrine Siala | Imen Zarrouk


Bettina Pelz is a German curator, working internationally for more than 20 years. The focus of her curatorial practice is art-in-context projects.

Since 2015, she is working regularly in Tunisia. Jointly with Aymen Gharbi, she is the founding curator of INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project in Tunis (since 2016) and SEE DJERBA International Media Biennial in Houmt Souk (since 2017). She directs the TASAWAR Curatorial Studios (since 2019).


Salma Kossemtini, Amin Gharbi, Louise Baranger

Information, audience care and art mediation are done by a swarm of volunteers, mainly students from the University of Architecture and Urbanism ENAU, from the Unversity of Applied Sciences and Technologies ESTEED, and from the INTERFERENCE Community. They have been trained by the TASAWAR Curatorial Collective.


Aymen Gharbi, Samir Bahri, Imen Bahri

The implementation on site and the technical production is done jointly by the TASAWAR Curatorial Collective, the participating artists and their networks as well as by the swarm of volunteers of ENAU, ESTEED and INTERFERENCE.


Syrine Siala