black and white headshot of TASAWAR Curator aisha tida. she is wearing sampot, a traditional outfit from Cambodia

Aisha Tida Abbassi (عائشة تيدا “aisha tida”) is a cultural worker and TASAWAR Curatorial Fellow based between Houston and Tunis. She collaboratively employs alternative forms of education and creative intervention to engage children and young adults in the many places she calls home. Her work lies at the intersection of art, design, and civic action and is grounded in the themes of heritage and diaspora, art as social practice, and the making and breaking of patterns.

In her artistic and curatorial work, Aisha explores the creative potential of togetherness when contemporary and community arts converge, co-creating with artists and initiatives whose aesthetic practice is a tool for community-building in search of justice. She seeks to discover what art, curation, and intersectional education can offer in the further development of individual awareness, collective identity, and a more equitable future.

Since 2021 | Programs Conduit | The Marginalized Majority
2019 | | Artist-in-Residence | Collectif Creatif El Warcha
2018 | | Jasmine Foundation | Project Coordinator, The City Is Ours
Since 2016 | Graphic Design and Illustration

2021 (upcoming) | | MATTER OF TIME | TASAWORAT
2021 | | A Time For Action | Blaffer Art Museum
2021 | Online, International | TASAWAR TRANSCULTURAL TALKS | Tasawar Curatorial Collective

2021 | Online | Creative Facilitation 1 | Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE)
2020 | | Digital Shift: Artists’ Lab | INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project
Since 2019 | | Goethe-Institut | TASAWAR Curatorial Studios
2016 | | Cornell University | Bachelor of Fine Arts
1998 – 2003 | Kuwait | American School of Kuwait

Lives between and
1994 | Born in

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