MATTER OR TIME is an international exhibition project of contemporary art in the heritage environment of Ennejma Ezzahra in Sidi Bou Said.

MATTER OF TIME gathers artistic positions that thematize the impact of time in nature and culture, natural and artificial materials. It addresses the changes in growing, ageing and fading. It includes artworks that encompass music, performative processes and all kinds of time-based artistic expressions. MATTER OF TIME refers to the productive aspects of time as well as it will refer to dust, decay, and disintegration. The works’ scale range from miniature drawings to architecture projections. The art mediation program of MATTER OF TIME seeks to realize a discursive space in order to enable every individual visitor and participant to experience and interact with space, the art and its context.

MATTER OF TIME is an international exhibition project with artists from Tunisia, North Africa, and from around the world. It results from a collective ambition of artists and curators to realize a contemporary art project at the Ennejma Ezzahara grounds. While the cultural heritage site is aiming to conserve a moment in time, the exhibition project refers to time as passing and as the habitat of change. The broad variety of artistic approaches on display thematizes physical and biological aspects of time, refers to psychological and philosophical perspectives, thematizes socio-cultural and societal dimensions as well as as it will stage diverse takes on how to detect, measure, and control time.

MATTER OF TIME is developed by the TASAWAR Curatorial Studios. The exhibition program will profit from a variety of backgrounds and experiences of the participants of the curatorial study program. The artistic director is Bettina Pelz.