Work by Ali Hussain Merza

Work by Ali Hussain Merza

Salt Trace

The esplanade, in front of the main entrance of the museum


Wooden pallet, salt bags, coarse salt

The artwork is an installation where the artist is using salt bags, coarse salt, and wooden pallets. It takes into account the theme of the exhibition, the location, and its natural environment. The artwork is about presenting a superposition of several salt bags on wooden pallets (representing the accumulation of time periods). Some of them have holes (reminding the hourglass to count the passage of time). Coarse salt is scattered on the ground (referring to the scattering of remains).

The idea of the artwork is inspired by humanity and ancient civilizations which struggle to perpetuate their presence, their eras, and their times. In a search for the existential relationship between what is fleeting and what is immortal, the rule affirms that every new era is bound to put down its predecessor and that change is only a matter of time. Through this artwork, the artist tries to reflect another more futile situation related to the immortalization of thought or the immortalization of matter. Returning to history, we find that a human has always been trying to leave a trace of him and his things after his death by using natural materials such as stone and color… as well as salt. In fact, what is considered fleeting may very well become immortal and leave a trace over time. The artwork sensitizes the 5 senses of the human being. It can be seen, smelled, touched, tasted or heard.

Ennjema Ezzahra Terrace

Ali Hussain Merza

Ali Hussain Merza

Artist sketch