Sana Mahfoudhi, was born in Tunisia. After her studies at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis and a degree in Sciences and Techniques of the Arts, with a specialization in painting, she became part of the Union of Tunisian Plastic Artists in 2008. In 2012 she took part in the Around a small format exhibition hosted by the Le Cap Gallery of Gammarth. She has exhibited her works at the Al Abdalliya Palace in La Marsa as part of The Spring of the Arts.She Exhibited also at Imago Mundi with the Collection of Tunisia “Turbulences”.Mediator  and junior curator based in Tunis


2019-2021 | | Paris-Dauphine University – Tunis | Executive master Management and Cultural Policies.

2019-2020 | | Goethe Institut Tunisia | Tasawar Curatorial studios .

2018 _ 2020 | Mediator & assistant curator | Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Tunis.

2015 -2017 | Higher Technician Certificate in Marketing and Multimedia at Infoplus Bizerte.

2010 _ 2011 | Contract Assistant at Tunis Higher Institute of Fine Arts.

2009 _ 2011 | Master’s degree in sciences and Techniques of the Arts in I S B A T.

Practice painting, photography, and engraving. Participation in several group exhibitions in Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. Member of the union of Tunisian Plastic Artists since 2006 . Realization of a personal exhibition, Supervision of a group of participants in cultural events as part of the painting workshops. ATR hike: The Tunisian Association of Hikers. Passionate about photography. Graphic Designer / Marketing and Multimedia.

2006 | Participated in 3 collective exhibitions (organized in Annaba, Algeria, and Bejai) in a cultural exchange meeting of Tunisian and Algerian youth and friendship.
2006 | Participated in the Painting Workshop , eighth event of the Octopus Festival in the islands of Kerkennah organized by the Fine Arts School.

2006 | Participated in Visual Arts workshops of the first North African Artistic meeting in the youth House Bizerte .

2007 | Participated in the 3rd International meeting of students painters “Mediterranean Light” in Tunisia (Painting and Photography)

2008 | Participated in the 1st Arab Young Artists meeting in Tunisia, an exhibition at the House of Culture of Marsa.

2008 | Participated in the Painting workshop contest in the Festival of Arts second edition Festimed Yasmin Hammamet Medina.

2008 | Participated in the Youth North African collective exhibition (cultural artistic and scientific) Tripoli in Libya .

2008 | Participated in ISBAT students work exhibited in the Museum of the City of Tunis Khair-Eddine palace .

2008 | Own exhibition ” Fractalité” in the House of Culture Cheikh Driss Bizerte .
Participated in the Arab young artists second meeting on August 10-17 ,2009 in Tunisia exhibition at the House of Culture of Marsa.

2009 | Participated in an exhibition group at the House of Culture- Carthage Yasmina .

2012 | Collective exhibition at Galerie le Cap, Gammarth – “Autour Du Petit Format”.

2012 | Participation in the works of the Tunisian-Algerian 3rd Doctoral, organized by the Tunisian Association for Didactic Research, the University of Skikda and the University of Amiens in Tabarka.

2012 | Supervision of the national workshop of young Tunisian visual artists

organized by the Ministry of Culture and Youth at the Sousse cultural complex.

2013 | Collective photographic exhibition “in black and white” organized by the ACPT with a photograph taken in Feija in January 2011 entitled
“Armstrong” in the room of the cultural café Liber ’thé in Tunis.

2013 | Forum “Mediterranean Youth: All Citizens” in Monastir El Shems. Participant in the Social and Solidarity Economy component: Workshop on access to employment through microcredit and how to create and succeed in your associative project.

March 2013 | Exhibition of the plastic artists’ union with two paintings at the Palais Kheyreddin Besha and el Ebdelia at la Marsa.

2013 | Exhibition of the 1st youth fair organized by the union of visual artists with two paintings at the Kheyreddin Besha Palace.

2013 | Collective exhibition ‘Crossed Visions’ at the Yahia Gallery at the Palmarium.

2013 | Participation in the project of Luciano Benetton ‘Imago Mundi’s under the direction of Ms. Leila Souissi, exhibition curator, and Mr. Alain Manini, project manager at EFESTO Salon des Artistes in La Marsa.

2013 | Supervision of the painting workshop as part of the “Young Arab and Mediterranean visual artists” event organized by the Ministry of Culture and Youth at the Sousse cultural complex.

2014 | “Crossed visions” exhibition in the Yahya room of the Palmarium with certificate awarded by the sails for arts and creativity association in Tunis.

2014 | Participation in the Painting Workshop and the exhibition
“Meeting of the Arts” organized by the International Culture Center of Hammamet as a tribute to Paul Klee for his 100th birthday.

2014 | The Organization and participation in the collective exhibition Entitled “Echo” at the Galerie Chikh Drissà Bizerte.

2014 | Participation in an artistic performance “lights from the revolution” organized by the ACPT in Beit El Bennani, Tunis.

2014 | Photographer and account manager in the “Light box” photo box at Arianna as.

2014 | “Black & White” photographic exhibition with The Tunis Photo Club Association at the Café Culturel “Liber’thé Lafayette”. Collective and multidisciplinary exhibition “October 1 to 28, 2014” the art of dreaming, at L’aire Libre El Teatro.

2014 | Supervision of the painting workshop as part of the “Young Mediterranean visual artists” event organized by the Ministry
of Culture and Youth at the Sousse cultural complex.

2015 | Annual collective exhibition of the Federation of Plastic Arts “Fleur alchimique”

2015 | National Plastic Arts Month: Exhibition at the Palais Abdellia la Marsa Exhibition at the Palais Kheireddine

2015 | Exhibition “Artists to the tips of the nails” with the Association Artistes Magrébines at the Galerie le Damier Mutuelle-ville.

2015 | Collective exhibition “Heureuse qui comme Ulysse” of the Tunisian Association of Women Photographers at the Essaadi Art Gallery in Carthage.

2017 | Professional graphic designer internship at MB design global communication agency.

Professional graphic designer internship at 2M Partners web agency.

2017 | Training days in cultural and museum mediation, scenography and digitization of artistic content at the National Center for the Training of Educators in Carthage, in anticipation of the creation of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art that will house the City of Culture .

2017 | The 2nd Training Days as part of the creation of the national museum of modern and contemporary art in the various themes: the museum curator, the collection of collectors, the steward of works of art, museographic lighting, the curator exhibition, the MNAMCT: presentation, objectives and perspectives.

2018 | Account manager for the yellow pages operation at Armatis LC.

2018 | Organizer and mediator at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Tunis.

2018 | Organizing member of the JACC carthage contemporary art days.

2018 Annual collective exhibition: National Exhibition of young Tunisian visual artists at the Kheireddine Pacha palace.

2018 | Group exhibition “Rencontre 2” at the Ben Arous Gallery of Arts.

2019 | Group exhibition “Eight years after the revolution” the Gallery of Arts of Ben Arous.

2019 | Participation in the second international Chokri Belaïd des Arts meeting in Tunis: exhibition, painting workshop and workshop for children.

2019 | Annual collective exhibition with the union of visual artists at the Kheireddine pasha palace

2019 | Organizer and mediator at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Tunis.


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