Syrine Bettaleb Ali is a student in marketing research. Marketing studies and her passion for art allowed her to see the curatorial action as marketing the artwork, not only through selling it but also to make it known and understandable by the public.

“Attending festivals and exhibitions have always intrigued me: the idea of the exhibition, the choice of artists, places, the creative team, the process and the deep meanings of it. That’s what pushed me to discover the art of curating. Curating makes people question and try to discover the link between all the material and immaterial aspects of the exhibition. In my opinion the link is a personal and subjective view of the curator that differs from one curator to another. Those reflections enable the curator to enrich the documentation.”

2021 | Tunisia | IHEC | Arts and Culture Marketing Research | MA
2019 | Tunisia | IHEC | Marketing | BA

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1997 | born in


Mohamed Boumaiza