Daniela is a cultural organiser and curator-in-training. She is currently pursuing her MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths University in London.
Curatorially, she is drawn towards exploring the emancipatory potential of artistic practice and creative research to offer new methodologies and inventive epistemologies to face and engage the world. Her research interests are interdisciplinary, as she sets out to traverse the realms of the subjective and relational, the sociocultural and political, the imagined and fictitious. At this time she is also interested in investigating colonial legacies and art’s world-building faculties.
Daniela is also a member of two London-based artist collectives; Makkam and Sawt of the Earth. In 2020, she co-founded Zamakan, a nomadic arts organisation that aims to offer platforms to work with artists, curators and creatives from across the SWANA region.

2020 – Present | London.uk | Goldsmiths University | Contemporary Art Theory | MA
2012 – 2014 | London.uk | London South Bank University | International Tourism & Hospitality Management | BA

Lives in London.uk
1991 | Born in Saarbrücken.de


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