Sara Mari Blom is a junior curator and a master student of Integrated Design based in Bremen, Germany.

β€œThe starting point of my artistic perception and my artistic work were film and theatre. This area is mainly about creating connections between image, text and the audience. In my curatorial work I find numerous parallels to that: It actively seeks contact with its environment, enables communication and thus builds bridges between different worlds, cultures and people. Through the perception and appreciation of the other person, the process always remains dynamic, questioning and searching. It lives from the participation of its environment.
I am excited to get to know this way of working together from a curatorial perspective. For me, curating means actively creating and reflecting. It asks questions. It assumes responsibility. It creates access. It enables open and safe spaces and discourses. It activates the power of art.”

2020 – 2021 | online | TASAWAR Curatorial Studios | Curatorial Studies
Since 2019 | | Integrated Design | MA
2014 – 2019 | | Costume Design | BA

Lives in
1994 | Born in

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