MATTER OF TIME Project: La Boite (en: The Box)

Video Installation

“This work comes from a reflection and in-depth research that started since 2014. Going through engraving my first medium, where I focused on the old motley manufactured objects, which are found in the Sidi Abdeslam market which is an old flea market in Tunisia. which is also an indicator of memory and nostalgia, I tried through my project to transform “this imaginary museum” which is not only filled with objects but also with its stories and experiences” _ Anissa Nemri.

Video directed by Anissa Nemri.
Witnessed by Abd El Kader Arbi.
Images by Anissa Nemri, Dalanda Mannai, Nesrine Houimli.
Sound editing and mixing by Med Aziz Zariat.
Voice Over by Aziz Boughedir.
Text extracts from the book “Things” by Georges Perec.
Video duration is 7 minutes.


2014 – 2017 |, Fine Art Academy, Studies


Lives in Tunis.