Hela Djobbi is a conservator of Cultural Property, a visual artist, and currently in charge of production and artistic residencies at 32 Bis.
“My personal conception of the curatorial approach is focused on the different artistic practices and experiences that connect with the public through themes which affect them at different levels. This can be inscribed in a social context and collective memory but also through the path, the look or the personal experience that the artists would stage through different media and tools of expression. I am particularly interested in the artistic approaches that follow the public during the exhibition but especially afterwards, that artworks which continue to be implanted in the mind of the visitor beyond the exhibition space.
Currently, in my artistic practice, I work on the question of words, expressions and slogans and their presence in our daily lives becoming intangible heritage that regenerates itself. The idea is to materialize this process of transformation.”

2019 | Tours.fr | Ecole supérieure du designe de Tours | conservation restoration of cultural property | MA
2007 | Tunis.tn | Tunis Fine Arts school | Arts Sciences and Techniques | BA

Lives in Tunis.tn
1982 | Born in Tunis.tn