Huda Zikry is an artist, researcher, and translator.

“After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in painting in 2016, I started working through an artistic practice that, although centered on language and text, touches upon and directly interacts with education, research, and collective work. Alternatively using translation as an educational and research practice, and text as an artistic medium.
Since 2015, through being a part of “Studiokhana”, an Egyptian artist collective, I have been working on designing an educational art program, assisting in bringing together group exhibitions mostly for young artists, as well as translating art and art history related material.
I am concerned more than anything with the possibilities and potentials of collaborative work, interested in exploring modes of work that cultivate togetherness as a conscious act of resistance. In addition to the ways art theory and history can interact with contemporary practices.”

2015 | | Studiokhana for Contemporary Art

2021 | | Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University | Art History | MA
2016 | | Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University | Oil Painting | BA

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1993 | born in


Khaled Zikry