Nadia Mounier is a visual artist working mainly with photography and video. She had few experiences as a curator before she decided to expand her knowledge in curatorial studies by joining Tasawar studios in its second round 2020/21.

“As an artist and cultural practitioner for more than 10 years, I believe that curatorial studies have become a key point in art mediation between artists and the community. The pivotal role that curators play at the moment should be a chance to engage art in our everyday life, making it more accessible and allowing a better understanding of our history as a collective.
I am passionate about collaborations, in which there’s a space for a dimensional point of view. We need collective work more than ever, we need to find a common ground that works for a better future, where there’s a space for an honest open dialogue between everyone as much as between the outside world and our internal selves.”

2016 | | Mass Alexandria | Independent Contemporary Art Studio
2010 | | Helwan University | Applied Arts | BA

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1988 | Born in


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