Samira Bouabana is a graphic designer, educator and publisher.

“I’m a freelance designer and a program manager and senior lecturer/Assistant Professor in Graphic Design and Visual Communications at Beckmans College of Design. I’m one of the founders of Hall of Femmes, an initiative aiming to highlight the work of women in the field of art direction and graphic design.
Through my work as a graphic designer I’ve tried to broaden the perspectives of who is heard, seen, recognised and by so hopefully contributing to a more vivid design scene and history. Who and what can belong to a field of art, to its history, to certain questions, rooms and interpretations? My personal background as a child of two cultures has made me interested in experiences belonging to an ”inbetweenness”, blurring the lines between different fields or disciplines.”

2001 | | Forsbergs School of Design | Graphic design

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Samira Bouabana