Sara Alhindi is a cultural organizer, artist, and curator-in-training. A writer with two books, founder of many previous cultural activities in Kuwait, she started using her Instagram page as a platform to write about art & culture in 2012.

Since 2011 she has increasingly got interested in humanities and arts through reading, researching, writing, and visiting artist studios and art exhibitions. These activities helped her to direct her interests and shaped her experiences in the field. In 2019 she developed the wish to guide her skills and put her experiences in the frame of curatorial practice.

Art and social change, as well as the integration of knowledge and arts, are topics that motivate her. She’s interested in curatorial concepts and works; how to integrate the visual arts, literature, and music into one experience.

2020 – Present | | Goethe Institute | Tasawar Curatorial Studio | Professional Training Course
2006 – 2010 | Kuwait | PAAYT | Educational Technology | BA

Lives in Kuwait
1984 | Born in Kuwait


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