Mouna Jemal Siala is working on a site-specific intervention in a new context it refers to the past,
focuses on gender, and keeps a trace of our memories. Her drawings and music-based
installation is trying to values Tunisian multi-talented artist women singers.

Drawings, with symbolic collage, of the two  chosen women singers  accompanied by audio to
be listened by the spectator.
Old memorable music recordings and storytelling of these female musicians and singers from the old Tunisian scene while Baron life period. Chosen place Museum of Instruments ‘Manoubi
Snoussi’ or the Music Room.

Photography/Video, Montage/Collage, Installations, Interventions
Her work combines digital, virtual and real dimensions.

Papers, wire, roasting, screen, light

Her photomontages reduce different forms often linked to the positions of her three children. It covers her life experience since she gave birth to triplets but also her woman’s body and events in her country are the main vectors of her work.

2019 | Ulysse de la Hafsia / 1ère Biennale de Rabat
« Un instant avant le monde » curaté par Abdelkader Damani
2019 | Les aires bleues / SEE DJERBA
2019 | Dommus Artist Residency / Galatina
2019 | Vénus de la Hafsia/Musée National du Bardo
//Les dames de la Hafsia/G. Alain Nadaud//Tlaffit/Bibliothèque
2018 | Interférence Mrabbaa/مربّع
2018 | VR-UV Utopies visuelles / Sousse
2018 | Détail : Kaïros / Tunis 2017// La Khirba / Sfax
2018 | Inquiétante étrangeté / Tunis 2017 //
Etrange dignité Mouna et Sadika / Gorée
2017 | Bertillonnage graphique / Géo-Grafi Tunis 2017 / نور الشكل Egypte
2017 | Nilwood Melody : Qu’avons nous fait de nos rêves! Casablanca
2017 Tunis, Detail Exhibition, GHAYA GALLERY
2017 Casablanca, TRIBUTE TO MY PARENTS, Slaoui Foundation Museum
2016 | Action à l’école primaire El Bderna / Sfax
2016 | Lumières d’Afriques / Paris
Marseille 2016| Tunis2017 | Toulouse 2018 |
Installation Vidéo « Sous la surface » Mouna & Pauliina
2016 | Addis Ababa, WHEN SPACES SPEAK OF TIME, Addisfotofest
2016 | London, THE NEW PICTURE, Exhibitions of ten Tunisian artists at the Tunisian Embassy
2016 | Dakar, WHEN SPACE SPEAK OF TIME, Dak’art Biennale
2016 | Tunis, REFLEXION, Gardens of the French Embassy residence in Tunisia
2016 | Marrakech, THE SON, Marrakech Biennale
2016 | Sfax, SOS BORJ AT RISK
Le fils / 2015 | Something Else Cairo / 2015 | Biennale de Marrakech / 2018 | Open Week Perugia
2014 | Non à la division
2013 | Cross-Border Contemporary female artists
from the Arabian Mediterranean Region /ZKM
Since 2008 Several participations in international exhibitions

Mouna obtained a Master’s degree in visual arts in the “engraving” specialty at the Technological Institute of Art

A visual artist, Mouna is holder of a PhD Thesis “The shadow traces times , by a photographic approach “in Arts and Arts’ Sciences from Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

Born in 1973 in Paris, lives and works in Tunis.



“My art articulates the digital, the virtual and the real. Concerned by the need to preserve memory of an action, an event, an experience, i furrow my personal story, linking in a way my life and my art. My triplets, my woman’s body and events in my country are the main vectors my work.”

Sana Mahfoudhi