Farah Khelil

Painting in Heritage

From Mohsen Khelil’s reproduction of two paintings by the Baron d’Erlanger, Farah Khelil daughter of the Tunisian painter, in turn adds a coat of paint. This intuitive project, Painting in Inheritance, proposes two paintings installed in the Ennejma Ezzahra palace building, provoking both minimal plans in the highly charged architecture and at the same time updating a history of painting between orientalism and quotational nostalgia. Radolphe d’Erlanger, Mohsen Khelil and then Farah Khelil share all painting in heritage and in being in time.
As well as an intervention with the same technique on postcards of the archaeological sites, objects, paintings of the Baron that will be cut out by hand and presented next to the objects of the museum to reconstruct and project the memory of this place reflecting Farah’s atypical relationship to art that is definitely at a distance from the real objects and this relationship with the objects without their materialities.


2019 | Cartes mémoire, National Archaeological Museum of Umbria, Perugia, Italy
| Surfacing. Curated by Silvia Cirelli. Officine dell’Immagine gallery. Milan, Itlay
2018 | Graines de pensée. Selma Feriani Gallery. Tunis, Tunisia
2017 | Solitude peuplée. Curated by Sonia Recasens. Appartement 27 bis. Paris, France
2016 | Transduction. Mamia Bretesche Gallery. Paris, France
2015 | Bookworm. With antoine lefebre editions. Aicha Gorgi Gallery. Sidi Bou Said
| L’inspiration a-t-elle des mains ou est-elle somnambule ? La Boîte, Groupe Kilani
2013 | Punctum. Espace d’Art Mille Feuilles. Tunis, Tunisia
| Point de vue, point d’écoute (Gilbert Simondon). CCIC. Normandie, France


2019 | Fragments, Yesterday and Today. Manart Al Saadiyat Cultural Center. Abu Dhabi
| Leave No Stone Unturned. Curated by Clelia Coussonnet. Le Cube. Rabat, Morocco
| Some of us. Curated by Jérôme Cotinet-Alphaize. Büdelsdorf, Germany
| Heartbreak. Curated by Tamara Chalabi & Paolo Colombo. Venice, Italy
| Climbing Through the Tide. Curated by Basak Senova. B7L9. Tunis, Tunisia
2018 | Christmas Project. Curated by Frédéric Vincent & Le Hasard. Galerie Immanence. Paris
| Liens de travers. Institut Français de Sousse & Association Delta. Sousse, Tunisia
| Join the Dots. Luciano Benetton Collection. Trieste, Italy
| Jaou festival. Earth pavilion curated by Khadija Hamdi Soussi. Sidi Bou Khrissane.
| Le Pavillon de l’Exil / Escale 03 / Saint-Louis. Institut Français de Saint-Louis,
2017 | L’horreur du Plein. Curated by Khadija Hamdi-Soussi. Selma Feriani Gallery. Sidi
Bou Said, Tunisia
| Restitution. Par ce passage infranchi. Galerie deux. Marseille, France
| Copie Machine. ESADHAR at PLOTHR. Rouen, France
| Metaxu. Le Séjour des formes. B’Chira Art Centre. Tunis, Tunisia
| Nation migrante. JAOU Tunis. Dar Kheireddine. Tunis, Tunisia
| Art of The Postcard. Curated by Jeremy Copper. Handel Street Projects. London,
| Works on Paper. Officine Dell’Immagine Gallery. Milan, Italy
| Imago Mundi, ART France Collection. Fondazione Luciano Benetton. Biennale
Arcipelago Mediterraneo. Palermo, Italy
2016 | Tunisia, The new picture. Tunisian Embassy. London, U.K.
| Supergravity. Gravitons. Paris, France
| Voice of the Border. Curated by Fatma Cheffi. Selma Feriani Gallery. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia
| Publish or Perish. Transmitter. New York, U.S.A.
| Safra. Nef de la Halle Roublot. Fontenay-sous-bois, France
| Bookworm #2, with antoine lefebvre editions. Undercurrent Projects. New York, U.S.A.
2015 | Arab Territories. Constantine Capital of Arab Culture. Constantine, Algeria
| CARTE BLANCHE. Young artists from North Africa. Officine Dell’Immagine Gallery. Milan
| Un Cabinet de Curiosités Part 3. Cuvier Street. Paris, France
| MOVE, Video night, Karima Célestin. Culture Interface Gallery. Casablanca,
| Réminiscences. Aicha Gorgi Gallery & Talan group. Tunis, Tunisia
| La Mer au Milieu des Terres. Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de
2014 | Un cabinet de curiosités Part 1. Undercurrent Projects. New York, U.S.A.
| Restitution. Centre d’Art de Port-de-Bouc. Martigues, France
| Mapp’ing, E-FEST. Palais Abdellia, Tunis
| Circumambulation, galerie A.Gorgi & Talan groupe, Tunis
2013 | Ce que le sonore fait au visuel. Servières Castle. Marseille, France
| Un phénomène de Bibliothèque. Immanence Gallery. Paris, France
| L’objet son. Palais Abdellia. Tunis, Tunisia
2012 | Shuffling Cards. Mouvement aléatoire des cartes. Art-cade Gallery. Marseille
| Figures du sommeil. Jean Collet Gallery. Vitry-sur-Seine, France
| Artistes des insurrections dans le monde arabe. Talmart Gallery. Paris, France
2011 | Contours. Le Violon bleu Gallery. Tunis, Tunisia
2010 | International digital culture festival. Acropolium de Carthage. Tunis, Tunisia
| La part du corps. Museum of Tunis city. Tunis, Tunisia
| Printemps des Arts Plastiques #08. Palais Abdellia. Tunis, Tunisia
| Crea numerica. Casablanca, Morocco

FORMATION , PhD in Art and Art Sciences Paris 1, Panthéon La Sorbonne. , MA in Fine Arts, ISBAT.


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Farah Khelil - Surfacing 2019
Farah Khelil - Cartes Memoires 2019
Farah Khelil - PUNCTUM 2013 201
Farah Khelil - Graines de pensée 2018