Souad Mani

Imprimer le motif et le moment

After her visit to Sidi Bou Said in 2013, Souad Mani makes a return in 2020 with a particular interest in air quality. Her intention is to archive her two passages in space and time through a data visualization that represents an abstract writing from the moment of twilight to Ennejma Ezzahra. In this sense, she uses meteorological data for the creation of a painting-writing. In the form of a digital document and a second analogue one, she writes without writing and paints without painting. In the same way, the documents represent a fingerprint of time, self and climate. They embody tangible forms of the notion of time and renew her main artistic preoccupations, of geo-picturality, of the representation of being in her process of genealogical creation and also of the status of the work in the age of information and relationships. Based on an archaeology of the being, his reflection puts in dialogue the history of his presence in the Palace with the temporality of the exhibition “Matter of Time”.



Installation transmedia, video


Book, screen


Souad Mani is a transmedia artist and researcher living and working in Sousse (Tunisia). Since 2008, through her project “Elle M’aime”, she has been creating links with the living throughout the world through the multiplication, sharing and pollination of her self-portrait. She tries to see to what extent it can provoke fruitful relationships, put singularities into a “network” and how a picture of oneself can become a unique and multiple world at the same time. In a geo-pictural and geo-relational approach, she renews the questions around the status of the work, the artist and the spectator in the era of collective intelligence and internet of things and seeks to give evolving forms to the presence of “being” – singular or collective – in its branched and genealogical process. She has exhibited in Tunisia, France, Italy, Senegal and Great Britain. She intervenes in public spaces and clandestinely and temporarily appropriates isolated territories in Tunisia and elsewhere.


2019 | The Shoe Factory Social Club, Norwich, Electropixel9;

2019 | Exhibition “electronic bodies and the transformation of reality”, Plateforme Paris;

2018 | Liens de travers, Novembre numérique, Sousse;

2018 | Electropixel #8: ghost machines, artefact of origin, Bonus Gallery, Nantes, France;

2018 | Personal exhibition “Memories of the present… the seed of horizons”, Open Art Week, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Trebisonda, Perugia, Italy;

2018 | El Kazma, Gabès Film Festival;

2017 | Métaxu, exhibition#2 of the Under the sand project, B’chira art Center, Tunis;

2017 | Biennial of Photographers of the Contemporary Arab World, Institute of the Arab World, Paris;

2016 | “Safra” exhibition, la Halle Roublot, Fontenay-sous bois, France;

2016 | Exhibition Nucléus , espace L’Atelier, Nantes. France;

2015 | Exhibition Traces… Fragments of a contemporary Tunisia (fragment 1), Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean. MUCEM;

FORMATION | Higher Institute of Fine Arts (ISBAS) | MA in esthetic and visual arts.


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