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Souad Mani’s work consisted of printing a digital data record that she transformed into datavisualizations around the time of sunset in Sidi Bou Said. It is a representation of the patterns of humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure and give shape and volume to the notion of time.

Souad Mani is a transmedia artist and researcher living and working in Sousse, Tunisia. Since 2008, through her project “Elle M’aime”, she has been creating links with the living throughout the world through the multiplication, sharing and pollination of her self-portrait. She tries to see to what extent it can provoke fruitful relationships and how a picture of oneself can become a unique and multiple world at the same time.

“Souad Mani’s artistic work is experimental because it is always subject to a thought of technology, of the relationship, of the tool and of the time of involvement. If the bases of her work are well defined, although depending on the interactions of a human or natural relation most often, her study, it, moves with the liking of the technical innovations. Thus, she seizes all these new and analogical tools to deepen her plastic and philosophical research. Indeed, her research axes are very anchored in a form of spirituality, which would be almost of a philosophical nature since it weaves a web between an earthly territory and a technological world. By studying the relationships generated by a sharing of data (always this self-portrait and its abstract forms quoted above), she maps the path of this one in a subjective map in constant evolution.”
– Portrait par Patrick Beguinel sur Litzic , Souad Mani, plasticienne et chercheuse techno- humaniste

Photography, Video, data visualisation, transmedia installations, Land art .

Print book, Datavisualization.

2021 | Madrid.esp | Casa arabe | Exhibition “ Barzakh, entre mundos “ | Photographic Installation
2021 | Prague.czk | Festival du Film Invisible depuis Prague | Vidéo
2021 | | Université Paris VIII |Self Exposition les «ombres errantes», un dialogue entre la littérature et les arts visuels | Multimédia
2019 | | Points d’ancrages. Forêt d’Armainvilliers | Performance and intervention Land art
2019 | | Angleterre | Exhibition “electronic bodies and the transformation of reality”, The Shoe Factory Social Club Electropixel9 | installation transmedia
2018 | | Liens de travers | Qr code
2018 | | Electropixel #8: ghost machines, artefact of origin, Bonus Gallery | installation transmedia
2018 | | Personal exhibition “Memories of the present… the seed of horizons”, Open Art Week, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Trebisonda | Photography and vidéo
2018 | | El Kazma, Gabès Film Festival | vidéo
2017 | | Biennial of Photographers of the Contemporary Arab World, Institute of the Arab World | Photography
2016 | Fontenay-sous | “Safra” exhibition, la Halle Roublot | multimédia
2016 | | Exhibition Nucléus, espace L’Atelier | multimédia
2015 | | Exhibition Traces… Fragments of a contemporary Tunisia (fragment 1), Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean. MUCEM | multimédia

2007 | | Higher Institute of Fine Arts (ISBAS) | Master degree.

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1978 | Born in

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